Early bird gets the worm!

Get your documents to us early.

  • COVER – If we are typesetting your cover please submit it to us ASAP (draft form is ok).  If necessary, we can make revisions to your cover based on changes we find using our compare program.
  • APPENDICES – Submit appendices that are NOT  part of the OS body to us ASAP for processing. Typical appendices of this type include Audits, Investment Pools, Insurance Specimens, etc..
  • DISTRIBUTION – Submit your Interested Parties List, Investor List and other supporting lists for postings & printed copies ASAP.
  • TIMING– Provide your best estimate when we will be working your financing, and/or how late we may be needed beyond our normal business hours so we can staff accordingly.​

It’s Go Time!

How to submit your document & changes below.

  • Please send us your document in PDF format.
    Please remove any footers that are not applicable to the document.
  • Changed pages should be submitted in PDF format.  
    Each changed page should be submitted as a separate PDF file.  If changed pages are consecutive, those pages can be submitted together as a single PDF file.  You may also submit a complete PDF noting which pages have changed (this method is a bit slower).
  • Consider any pagination changes when submitting your changed pages.
    Often a change on one page can affect pagination of subsequent pages.
  • We don’t generally edit Word documents.
    If it’s critical we can assist with limited, simple changes but proof ​turnaround time ​will be slower.
  • We prefer to use appendices from the POS when preparing the OS.
    Appendices we have already processed and typically use from the POS are Audits, Investment Pools, Insurance Specimens, etc.  It is not necessary to resend appendices we are using from the POS.
  • Please communicate definitively that we are cleared to post/print your document.
    Doing so will ensure the timely posting and printing of your document.