Getting Started

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Getting Started AVIA

It is not necessary to schedule your project with AVIA.  Please email your document and/or project related information to  You will promptly receive confirmation that we are in receipt of your email and are actively working on your financing.


  • Immediately typeset your cover and assemble your document in one hour or less.
  • Quality control your document to ensure it is accurate and EMMA compliant.
  • Email a PDF proof to you and your financing team for revisions or final approval.
  • Rapid turnaround of all revisions.
  • Receive sign off and confirm distribution requests from the entire financing team.
  • Electronically post and deliver printed copies to the supplied distribution list.

AVIA is staffed from 5am – Midnight, Monday through Friday.  If you need us beyond these hours just let us know and our staff will be available to you at no additional charge.

AVIA is also available on weekends at no additional charge.  Please provide as much notice as possible so we can staff for your needs.  There will be an additional charge should you require printed books over the weekend.

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